Emotiv with Emotiv Toolbox and node-red EEG recording

My project is to record raw brain signals using the emotive epoc 14 channels. what i wanted to do is show a participant an image for a particular time(such as 1 min) and record his brain signal of that time to a separate csv file of that particular time. I want to repeat the process of a different image. after 1 min, the second picture will appear on the screen and the brain signal of the second photo will save in a different csv file for that time. Finally i want to repeat the process 10 times with 10 photos and will generate 10 csv file of raw EEG signals.

As i am new to the node-red and emotive epoc. it would be great full if someone guides me how to creat the flow or any tuttorial how to do it.

I don't think NR is the correct tool for this kind of real-time applications.
EEG recording is done with a sample rate of > 250Hz, that's to much for NR to handle correct, interval between the timestamp are not constant as required for EEG recordings.
For the stimulus presentation there are better (free) software tools like OpenSesame, Psychopy and paid Eprime.
All these software have the option to work with markers to sync you stimulus presentation and EEG recording software to make the analyses of the data easier.


Thank you for your valuable suggestion.

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