Enable/disable flows or input at start/end of month

Searching for a while but havent found the obvious solution, but I do think there is an easy one. I have a value in a trigger node which I trigger every 20 minutes from january 1, until march 31. Then i have another value which I trigger every 20 minutes from april 1, until desember 31. As for now i manually enable/disable the trigger, but it would have been nice to have it done automaticially. Anyone with a simple solution for this? Best regards Freddy.

Instead of enabling/disabling, you could use schedules via node-red-contrib-cron-plus...



Thank you, had to invest some time understanding the chrono plus node. It does the trick. If you dont mind i will ask my next question in here as well. I have a feed with numbers going (kWh used last hour). Updates every 10-15 seconds. I will try to use that feed to calculate the cost for my power consumption so i need a node who passes on the information for 1 hour. Then I can calculate the cost for that hour, and then I have to repeat that for the next 23 hours. But chrono plus node doesnt pass through data does it? Best regards Freddy.

You should start a new post with a suitable title and this question & include sample data / export flow progress - someone will help :slight_smile:

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