Graph course to fine

My course is too fine, can I adjust the graph (input) so that it is not updated every 2-seconds, but only every minute ??


I initiate various flows using the CronPlus Node, this enables me to trigger a flow and plot the result with the intervals that suit me.

Add a delay node before the graph input. Set it to rate limiting mode, 1 msg/5 min and to skip intermediate messages.

Add the node-red-contrib-calculate node and set it to average 30 samples.

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thank you,
I´ll first try edje11 way...

is it right @edje11 ?

Looks good to me.

Yes, looks fine

I´ve another question:
if I share my flow with the new contrib-calculate node function, and the person who is importing my flow has it not installed - what would happened ?
error or will it work ?

Node-RED will give a warning about the missing node and show an empty rectangle on its place.


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