Enable/Disable individual nodes


Could it be possible if you could disable some nodes on the current flow, that’s because some times (at least for me) i need to disable things, something like commenting a section.





You can disable a whole tab (double click on tab name and turn off enabled).
If you want to disable some nodes you just have to unwire that group of nodes.
This was a conscious design choice in that most of the time if you could disable a node (and pass through the input to the output) then the format would be unlikely to be suitable for the next node.



@knolleary @dceejay should we have another category for feature requests? What belongs in the “Development” category?

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Edited the title of the topic to better reflect the request.

@boneskull yes, will make it so.



unwiring does the trick, but not for every case, for example, with the dashboard (but i think that this is the wrong place to request this).



Disabling something in the dashboard is completely different to disabling something in the middle of a flow.

(and yes - we have now added the Feature Requests category for these sorts of discussions :slight_smile:



yes, the “request” went in that way, disabling the dashboard nodes without having to delete them

this includes the nodes and flows?


  1. No - they can be disabled but that greys them out (disables input from them). Alternatively groups of widgets can be hidden and shown using ui_control node. But individual ones would have to be removed (or moved to another tab)

  2. Feature requests is aimed more at ideas for enhancements to the main application and the core nodes. Flows and other nodes should probably be discussed in General.



Thanks for the answers!



Maybe something “global” could be done here … what if, next to every node (even custom nodes – so it would “built-in” NR), we have a small icon indicating that the node is enabled ? Clicking on the icon would disable the node but transfer the msg unchanged. Clicking again would prevent the msg to be transferred, disabling the rest of the branch … Clicking again would enable the node again.

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@tilleul its a purposeful choice not to support enable/disable at the individual node level. There are so many edge cases it introduces that, on balance, it isn’t worth doing.

For example, if a disabled node just passes messages through untouched, when you disable a switch node with 10 outputs, which output should the message get passed through to?