How to comment out a node?


Is there a way to comment out some nodes as we could comment some part of code to check the difference and for debugging ?



just remove any wires to their input.



I’m palying with this node

[{"id":"9407a47e.069a38","type":"ui_template","z":"aa8f5fa1.bc60d8","group":"c519da4c.f6bf9","name":"Logo / Clock","order":0,"width":0,"height":0,"format":"<script id=\"clockScript1\" type=\"text/javascript\">\n    var clockInterval;\n    $(function () {\n        if (clockInterval) return;\n\n        //add logo\n        var div1 = $('<div/>');\n        var logo = new Image();\n\n        logo.src = '/logo.png'\n        logo.height = 45;\n        div1[0].style.margin = '10px auto';\n\n        div1.append(logo);\n\n        //add clock\n        var div2 = $('<div/>');\n        var p = $('<p/>');\n\n        div2.append(p);\n        div2[0].style.margin = '5px';\n\n        function displayTime() {\n            p.text(new Date().toLocaleString());\n        }\n        \n        clockInterval = setInterval(displayTime, 1000);\n\n        //add to toolbar when it's available\n        var addToToolbarTimer;\n        \n        function addToToolbar() {\n            var toolbar = $('.md-toolbar-tools');\n            \n            if(!toolbar.length) return;\n            \n            toolbar.append(div1);\n            toolbar.append(div2);\n            clearInterval(addToToolbarTimer);\n        }\n        addToToolbarTimer = setInterval(addToToolbar, 100);\n    });\n</script>","storeOutMessages":true,"fwdInMessages":true,"templateScope":"global","x":341,"y":81,"wires":[[]]},{"id":"c519da4c.f6bf9","type":"ui_group","z":"","name":"Default","tab":"c63bab3.e433ad8","order":1,"disp":false,"width":"24","collapse":false},{"id":"c63bab3.e433ad8","type":"ui_tab","z":"","name":"Home","icon":"dashboard"}]

there is no wires but it’s seems to be still active !



Removing the wires will stop a node receiving messages, but some nodes will have side-effects just being present in the workspace - such as the ui_template node.

The only way to remove it from having any effect is to delete it. There is no way to disable individual nodes.

An alternative is to add a new tab, edit its properties to disable it, then move any nodes you want to temporarily disable to that tab - so you still have it around, but its on a disabled tab.

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Yes, that’s what I did till now, despite not very fast ad easy.