Enable User Auth to Editor, custom Password hash not working

Ok, guys. New to NR here, so be easy please. :wink:

I have installed on a Windows PC and have edited my settings.js file. I originally was editing the wrong file in the %AppData% folder but have now changed the one in the User Directory .node-red folder.

When I just uncommented the settings line, restarted and loaded the editor, it prompted me for a password and I used the default. So that test worked.

I then ran the following command to change to my own password;

node-red-admin hash-p

I got the prompt for Password, Typed in my password, copied the Hash into the file, rebooted the server.

When the server came up and I loaded the Dashboard, it did not prompt for username and password again.

I'm at a loss as it seems to work when I use the default password, but not when I set my own.

It may not have prompted for a login because you already had a valid login token from when you tested the default password.

Log out (menu option under the user icon in the header), and then try logging back in with your new password.

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Thanks bro!! that was the issue!

Updating another thread you were on that point to this solutions as well...

Thanks for your time & contribution!

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