Endpoint from Modbus data

How to make an endpoint with data from modbus using Modbus Flex Getter?

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Assuming that you mean an http endpoint then the Node red cookbook has examples of how to do that.

Does that solve your problem? If not then describe in more detail which area you do not know how to do.

The first thing to do is decide on what data you are getting from the Modbus node and which of it you want - put a debug node on the output and set it to complete message object - you should then be able to see what data is being received from the Node.

Once you have this post some screenshots and (as Colin has said) some more details on what you are trying to achieve ?


Thank you for your interest @craigcurtin @Colin . I am just starting out using Node Red and I want to make an endpoint that will contain the data taken from Modbus simulator, more precisely payload or the responseBuffer data. I managed to take them over, but I don't know how to transfer them as Json. Http response node does not generate response. I don't know how I could verify if the data transfer is made correctly.

The HTTP response node expects to receive the original msg (with all the special properties added by the HTTP in node - so it know how to reply).

I believe either the second output of the modbus node passes the original properties through or there is an option in the modbus node that enables passing the original message properties through.

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