How to read data from gateway connected to MODBUS device using nodered

I am having a dell edge 5000 gateway, how can I read the data from gateway which is connected with a modbus device(Connected with RS485 port ).
I am new to modbus protocol so, I'm not getting how to integrate with noce-red. Below is the snap of dell gateway 5000 connected to RS485 port.

Below is the snapshot of node-red modbus node, how to fill the configurations.

Basically, to read data you will need to fill:

unit-id (1-247 range, you will need to know your edge5000 id)
FC (which type of register you want to read)
Address (register start address)
Quantity (how many registers you want to read, start from start address)
Poll rate (interval between readings)

Also, you will need to configure connection:
baud rate,
stop bits,
(Server tab).

Hello, do you have some experience with modbus flex getter (node-red-contrib-modbus) ?
When I fill everything correctly(I hope), it just show me two errors. But when I use Modbus serial node (node-red-contrib-serial-modbus) it works fine. Do you have some ideas what should be wrong?

unit-id of modbus device id I have to fill right?? as it is having slave id. Master is the dell gateway right??

I don't think node red Modbus node can work as slave. The device where node-red installed is modbus master. In modbus grid you can use only one master, because of topology.

It will be better to understand, which modbus devices you use, and how you connect it.

Are you planning to run node-red in the gateway?

The device which I am using as a MODBUS device is

This device is connected to dell gateway 5000 series. So I am planning to use the node-red in gateway to read data from modbus device(Parking sensor TUS-202-Ultrasonic). How can I read the data from modbus device whether node-red which is running in the gateway should work as master right.

Yeah I am planning to run node-red in gateway.

Are you shure your sensor use Modbus protocol for communication? I dont find any info about it in the description.

I think it's not modbus device.

This is the specification document but they have not mentioned MODBUS. They have mentioned as it will communicate through RS485.

It's absolutely another thing. RS485 is only PHY.

You can try to read those sensors thru the serial request node.

How to configure serial request can u briefly explain me?

Just add Serial request node, configure communication parameters and connect device you need to the serial port. Than send request to the input, and after timeout you will receive an answer from the device on the node output.

Are you working with @VIKRAMAS or is yours a different issue?


I am working with vikram

How to convert this data into normal readable form??I have attached the photo above of the data reading....How to convert it can u give me solution?

The first step would be to send it a query (as stated in page 2 of the docs you posted) rather than a timestamp.

In inject I have to select string and what else I have to give?