Hello, I am trying to communicate the node network with mysql and I get the following error: ER_HOST_NOT_PRIVILEGED, why is it? In MySQL I have the users with all the privileges and I use it through the MySQL server, but it seems that the IP to which I want to connect, is "closed" and does not let me access it. In the MySQL website they say that it is because the user has to be configured with all the privileges, but I use this function to change the configuration and I still get the same error. The MySQL of the node network is well configured ...



Hi, sorry, but that is 100% a mysql configuration issue. Not much we can advise from the Node-RED side.



Check with a command line mysql client (or other client s/w) running on the same machine as node-red that you are able to access the server. Once that works then it should be ok in node red.