Error: Cannot locate certificate file

Hi guys, new to the forum and I have been able to google some similar topics, but not find a concrete solution.

I am trying to use the IIOT-OPCUA client from the Contrib library, but get this error:

cannot locate certificate file C:\Users\xxx.node-red\node_modules\node-opcua-client\certificates\client_selfsigned_cert_1024.pem

It there a missing package from installing the node? I have the folder but no certificate


shouldn’t that be file C:\Users\xxx\.node-red\node_modules\node-opcua-client\certificates\client_selfsigned_cert_1024.pem ???

With less popular contrib nodes it might be worthwhile to open an issue on the nodes github page as hopefully at least the nodes author should know the problem

Am I going blind? I can't see the difference!

to me a selfsigned certificate is something that the user would be providing... - not shipped in a node

Indeed, distributing a private key would be rather a serious security flaw.

(Missing slash after xxx) :sunglasses:

Just heading down to Specsavers!

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Thanks for your inputs guys, I`m quite new to Node Red so was not aware that the Contrib nodes was less popular. Is there an "official" way to collect data from a OPC UA Server?

The contrib nodes are extremely popular, they provide many of the non-core features of node-red. If you search the node-red flows site should show you all the options for OPC UA and if there are multiple nodes to do the job then you might have to do a bit of research to find the best. Whether anyone here has experience of them is another matter.

Yes - the opcua nodes are very popular with the PLC folk around here. It's just that they are not core, so the core team don't know so much... so you may have to ask around a bit wider. If the docs don't mention certs then I would suggest you contact the author of the node directly so they can be improved.

Thanks alot for your feedbacks, the problem is now solved; turned out to be missing openssl.exe file.

Put that one in the right place, installed again and the certificate was in place!

Hello together,
I have the same problems. I got the Error: ..........node-red\node_modules\node-opcua-client\certificates\client_selfsigned_cert_1024.pem
How can I create this certifacate?
Thanks a lot for your respons
Greets Mark

Hello! I'm in the same trouble. I noticed that I had to change the structure of the folders but even then the certificate is not found. However it is in the specified path.