OPC UA Certificate Issue


I am using the node-red-contrib-opcua nodes and trying to connect the client nodes to my OPC UA server using a certificate. I have generated the certificate on the Siemens software and set it up so that I can access it from UA Expert. But when I try to do it in Node-Red on the OPCUA Client node, it says TypeError: cannot read property 'position' of undefined. This is specifically when I export the certificate and put it in "/home/pi/.config/node-opcua-default-nodejs/PKI/trusted/certs/" and link the .pem file I exported. I have tried every possible combination and it either tells me they dont match up or hangs on connecting. I cannot seem to find anything on google about this either.

Wrong private_key used, update to latest, Node-opcua v2.41.0 contains some fixes to certificate manager and I expect this would show verify steps on console.

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