ERROR: Cannot open serial port /dev/ttyAMC0. Error code 2

I have installed z-wave library and open Z-Wave. No problems.
When I start node-red I get the following error message:

2019-02-04 12:23:39.398 Error, ERROR: Cannot open serial port /dev/ttyAMC0. Error code 2

I don't understand this as MinOZW /dev/ttyACM0 and Node test2 runs without a problem. Is there a problem with different groups of node-red and dialout? If yes how can I change it. I am relatively new to Raspian. any help very much appreciated.

It is always useful to state the name of the node you have installed
If you are using node-red-contrib-openzwave have you followed the instructions in the readme?

Secondly only one thing can access the serial port at the same time so check you have no other apps using that serial port

Thanks for your response.
I fixed the problem!

How? If you post your solution someone else finding this post in the future can learn.

I had 2 problems:

  1. had a typing error in the device name - silly
  2. I copied the z-wave key from usr/local/etc/openzwave/options.xml which did not have the format of node-red's node
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