Error in 3.0 upgrade notes. BIG problem with latest Node.JS (v16.6)

It is still true that Node-RED has a binary module dependency (bcrypt) that will fall back to the less efficient bcryptjs if it fails to load.

When you change Node.js version you should run npm rebuild on any node_modules folders you have installed with the old version - just in case there's something in there that needs rebuilding.

OK, thanks. Does it fail silently or is there a message in the startup log?


Sadly this is nowhere near as usable. The function-npm would load modules dynamically, not require them to be specified and loaded in settings.js

Is that possible in V3 ?

Node red version 2 and version 3 do not require you to put anything in settings.js. just enter the module name in the settings tab and deploy.

Thanks, I just found this live twitch thingy with @knolleary then I found it in the 2.0 release notes!

Looks like Writing Functions : Node-RED ( needs an update :slightly_smiling_face:

Isn't life grand?

Moral: try not to upgrade 2 versions at once... :man_facepalming:

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