Warning when upgrade to 0.19.1 Windows


I uprdaded my windows pc to latest Node.red (0.19.1). Everything seems to work but I have a warning sign in Manage Palette list.
Why and how to solve?



That error is associated with the Tail node, which isn't supported on Windows.
There's nothing you need to do here.

We need to review how the palette manager shows those messages to make it clearer what it is associated with.

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A Windows compatible version of Tail would be nice too :wink:

As would updates to some of the outdated and deprecated Node.JS dependency modules.



Everything is as up to date as it can be whilst we still support Node 4. This is one of many reasons our next major release won't support anything before Node 8.

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Phew, that will reduce the cognitive load on my OCD! :slight_smile:

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And as you mention a Pull Request to add tail for windows would be welcome if someone wishes to contribute.

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Added to my (rather long) list of outstanding projects.