Manage Pallete doesnt appear

I'm new to node red, and i got some problems with manage pallete. It doesnt appear in my node red. When i try to get some node by terminal, it drops an error like this:

ERROR: npm is known not to run on Node.js v8.16.0
You'll need to upgrade to a newer Node.js version in order to use this version of npm.

Node-red Version: 0.20.7

Someone please help whit this?

Hi @GabrielTolentino

You are running very old versions of Node-RED and node.js. if you are new to Node-RED, how have you installed it to have such old versions?

Hi Nick

in fact, the company I work for has taken a specific job, where this version has already been deployed by another company. We are just maintainers of the existing architecture.

I try too update Node-red and Node.js, but unfortunately, have not success.

OBS: the OS we are using is Yocto.

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