Installed 19.3... [node-red/tail] not currently supported on Windows


I took a look to see if there was any information on this. There was a few, but the context of the discussion does not explain what [node-red/tail] is. and what and why it is not supported on windows.

Can someone please elaborate on this..

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Node-red 0.19.3 not currently supported on Windows

tail is a unix/linux command that allows the last couple lines of a file to be printed into a shell window. This is useful for "tailing" logs - as the file is updated, each line shows up immediately on screen (or in a console) giving you a scroll of events.

node-red tail is a node that uses this functionality to send the output of the tail command as messages. Since windows doesn't have tail natively it won't be usable. I'm not 100%, but makes mention of adding a tail.exe to windows, so this may be doable with some extra work.



I seem to remember that there IS a Node.js tail module that does support Windows but as I've not had need to use it, I've never found time to sort through the issues and try for a PR I'm afraid.