Node-red 0.19.3 not currently supported on Windows

I installed node-red 0.19.3 on a Windows Server 2012 R2. In the ADMIN > MANAGE PALETTE > NODES I see the following error "node-red 0.19.3 not currently supported on Windows" as described on this screenshot :

Someone can advice me about, thanks.

Well I've been using it for about a week on Win 10 with no real issues so although it may not be supported - it does seem to work OK

I just checked and have the same warning - just didn't notice it

This has been answered here: Installed 19.3... [node-red/tail] not currently supported on Windows

That error is related to the Tail node - which is clearer to see from the node-red log output.

In 0.19 we added reporting these errors in the palette manager, as they would otherwise be invisible to a user not looking at the log.

But we need to rethink how they are presented as it isn't clear what they refer to.

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