Error in payload

What causes the following error and how do I fix it ?

msg : error

"TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'split')"

An undefined property that a script is trying to read another property from, often hard to pin point with no info.

What info would you like to know? I am using .json format as input


            "name" : "Integer001",

            "value" :"1444535466",
            "type" : "int32"


and more objects here

What you are attempting to do?
What nodes are you using?
What are your inputs?
What output you expect?
Maybe a flow json.
what operating system?
What node is producing the error?
Any code you may be using.
Maybe then someone might pin point what's causing your error.

I am attempting to establish an MQTT communication with Sparkplug B specification

The nodes I am using are inject, function, Sparkplug plus publisher, subscriber and debug (payload) node.

The input is a .json code sent via the function block

msg.payload = {
        "timestamp" : 1504739061501,
        "metrics" : [
                "name" : "Integer001",
                "value" :"1444535466",                               
                "type" : "int32"
                "name" : "String001",
                "value" : "hello",
                "type" : "string"
                "name" : "Boolean001",
                "value" : "true",
                "type" : "boolean"
                "name" : "Float001",
                "value" :"192.192",                               
                "type" : "float"
return msg;

I expect output to be structured objects

OS is Windows 10 Pro

Debug node is producing the error

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it is perfectly valid...

And it is...

If the msg is reaching a debug node, then it is not likely an error in the function - rather something else!

You are going to have to share more info (i.e. export a flow or at minimum a screenshot)

Thank you @Steve-Mcl its working now without any errors. I figured out a fix for it and while the .json format was fine by itself , msg.payload could only be used with as a function block. when I try to use the same .json code in the inject node as a .json input itr gives me error unless I remove the msg.paylaod line and return.msg line.

I am trying to come up with a code or node red flow so that I'd be able to setup SparkplugB based MQTT protocol by making use of the ignition broker.

Yes, that is a very basic node-red knowledge.

In an inject you would enter payload since the entry is already prefixed with msg.