Error message: unexpected identifier

I'm trying to creatie a custom node, based on the tutorial from the Node-RED website. When loading the flow, I get an error message 'unexpected identifier'. Based on the fact that the edit form is not shown correctly, I suspect the error to be in the template part from the HTML file. Is there any way tot get more information on where exactly the error was generated? I looked at the log file with 'trace' setting, but that did not help me much...
Thanks in advance!

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Syntax error somewhere in your code. Something like comma or colon in wrong place or similar. Doesn't browser console point that out for you?

Hi, I reviewed the code several times for those things, I keep overlooking it, I guess. Where would I find the browser console? I only get a small pop-up with the error in the Node-RED ui. Not much extra information available there...

That depends on your browser. Your favourite search engine should tell you for your particular one.

All desktop browsers will show you the console if you press F12 (assuming you have a keyboard with function keys that is).