Is anyone else seeing these errors in the Editor (in dev tools console)?

I am getting them when closing any node config panel.

Trying to work out if it is something I've done as I'm only seeing it on my Windows dev instance.

Running Node-RED v3.1.5 in Edge browser.

can you click the highlighted links and and show a small snippet of code so we we can get perspective?


Doble checking: config nodes and regular nodes or just config nodes?

Config nodes as well.

The emit error:

Comes from

The 2nd link is from RED.tray, the showTray function:

The 3rd link is also from RED.tray, the showTray function:

4th link:

The 2nd error is exactly the same but points to line 1049 of the emit function instead of 1048. Actually, that line seems superfluous anyway since I think that the err object could be passed as a 2nd argument to the console.warn?

I dont see this (but i am in dev v4 branch exclusively ATM)

Hoping someone else will pop by and let us know.

Thanks for the info Julian.

I am not seeing it. NR 3.1.5, Also Edge browser.

Ah!! Took me a while to work out how to go down the rabbit hole of nested indirect function calls! Got there in the end though.

It is in my own code:

        // RED.view.node_width and RED.view.node_height 'editor:close', () => {
            let x = 0
            let y = 0
            RED.nodes.eachNode( n => {
                if ( ) {
                    // $(`#${}`).append('<g class="red-ui-flow-node-available-indicator" transform="translate(5,5)"><circle cx="5" cy="5" r="5"></circle></g>')
                    // // NB: You have to re-render the container (ref:
                    // $(`#${}`).html($(`#${}`).html())
            console.log(x, y)

I suspected it must be. As you will all no doubt see faster than I did, there is a rather obvious error in that code. :slight_smile: Over optimisation at its finest :person_facepalming:

Thanks for all who looked though.

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