Error opening node red in cmd


I am not able to open node red, I am using node red since 2 weeks.but, this error is contineously running in command promt when I type node-red to start node red.

9 Sep 11:58:12 - [error] [opc-da server:c97c3198.e3a6] Error: 4112 - Unknown error!
9 Sep 11:58:12 - [warn] [opc-da server:c97c3198.e3a6] Trying to reconnect...

Please help somone what to get rid of this error


The error is coming from an opc-da server node you have in your flows.

You need to either fix the configuration of that node or, if you don't want it, remove the node entirely. It sounds like a Config node, so open up the Configuration Nodes sidebar and search for it in there.

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Thanks for reply

but,I am not able to open the node red. because in cmd only this error is keep on occuring.
How can I stop this error in cmd and open node red ?

if there any way to delete this from library from node red, please tell


If you run
node-red --safe
it will start the editor but not run the flows. If that doesn't work then please post the full startup log here. Use the </> button when pasting it in.

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Thanks, bur I already uninstalled and then reinsatlled the node red . Though I had my flows, there are lot of changes I had to do with respect to UI and even many graphs are not working . I am still doing changes.

Earlier I was using OPCUa read , now its not working I have to use subscrible to read the data and now sampling rate is very slow 6-7 data per second with subscribe in OPCUa. with another OPCUA node for another controller, read is working, so I am little confused.


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