Error reading topics MQTT

Hi to all,
Iam new to node-red so excuse any stupid questions.
I'll try to describe my issue the best way possible.

1)Try to listen some topics on the local network Mosquitto broker, which listens to 2 devices via
8443 (websocket).


Node-red cannot listen till now on ports: 1883 and 8443
(The debug node has no output)
I have to mention that the same thing worked with as the broker.
Do you have any similar experience?
Thanks in advance

Your node is connected so no issue there. Are your devices talking to the same broker ?

Yes that's for sure! Iam suspecting the configuration of the Mosquitto (installed on Win7).
The port connections are visible on netstat.
Iam now searching in Mosquitto Doc to figure how Iam supposed to set it up.
Any ideas are welcome!

Try using Node-RED to publish a message to those topics...

Try using MQTT Explorer to connect to the broker - its a very useful MQTT debugging tool

Thanks. I will test it.
Iam publishing message to the same topic / broker / port and it works in Node-RED.
I noticed that the messages from node-red inject do not appear in the cmd terminal (on the server side) like the other messages from the 2 devices.