"Error: Timeout while connecting to server" When I try to do File transfer via FTP

Hello Node-RED enthusiasts,

I am using Node-RED to obtain certain data from a remote server to my local server hosted on my PC via the FIle zilla.

I am able to access the remote server on the hardware and check my files and download it via the File Zilla.

I have configured the node-RED on the Hardware to automatically transfer the files from its server to a folder on my PC by creating a server in my PC using File Zilla. When I have connected the ethernet cable direclty from the Hardware to my PC and tested the FTP, it happened smoothly. But, when I connect the hardware to the internet and separate the PC and Hardware from physical connection, I get the error as "Error: Timeout while connecting to server".

I tried connecting to my FTP server from my PC using the IP address, Username and password I have given while creating it, I am able to see the folder and all the files. But, the same when I try from a different PC(say an external PC connected to the internet), I get the Timeout to connect to server error.

Is it because my connection is not stable as I am connected through Wi-Fi to the internet in the host PC which acts as a server? Should I have a strong connection and try to reach the server?

It showed me to allow firewall to be disabled to get the access, I have tried that as well. Please help me on how to make this PC accessible from outside.

Thank you for the help in advance.

This isn't really a Node-RED question is it?

What I think you are saying is that you can't access your PC over FTP when trying over the Internet, only when you are on your local network.

So the first thing - what is the difference? What extra is in the way when you access something over the Internet (beside all the Internety stuff) - it is your local router. It won't allow any traffic in unless you tell it to.

Which brings us to the 2nd thing. If you open up an FTP connection to the Internet, within minutes you will have bots downloading all your files and probably uploading some you will wish weren't there :skull_and_crossbones:

As this isn't a Node-RED problem, I would suggest doing some research on the best way to safely access files over the Internet.

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Hello @TotallyInformation thank you for your reply to this question. Though it is not a major Node-RED question, you have answered it. I really appreciate your help here. I will research on safe way to transfer files.

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