Error to run node red?



First, I'm new to nodejs and node-red. I had node-red working correctly as a service
after I've added node-red-contrib-ble-heart-rate 0.2.0
i got this error in node red



i havent used the BLE node but seem to remember a post (have you searched?) about needing to install a bluetooth stack.

Hope that helps.


oh, one more thing, it would seem that node is not handling its errors causing node-red to fault out. You should raise an issue on the github repo so the author can fix / handle this.

To get you going, use the --safe flag to launch node-red.

or, uninstall the node manually...

cd my_node_red_dir
npm uninstall __name_of_node__


can u explain how uninstall node red manually


Why do you want to uninstall it? Surely you only want to remove the node that is breaking it?

If you really want to remove it then usually do the opposite of your install

npm -g uninstall node-red


i try this and install node red again
but got the same error

i just want to run node red again


thanks i try to uninstall the node only

now work again

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