Error with node-red-contrib-syslog-input 1.0.1

I have an application for this node but am running into some issues. I am successfully getting SYSLOG data to hit the input node, but the input node is not happy with the message. It is giving me this error:

Invalid message received: {"timestamp":"2019-11-14T22:26:31.890Z","address":"","family":"IPv4","port":20514,"size":143,"msg":"<22>24/09/2016      15:04:31        User Activity                   User admin of PDU 1 Rack:AA01-MS:SideA from host logged out\u0000"}

The <22> by the date 24/09/2016 is red in the debugger, but not sure if this was a part of the original syslog msg or if it was added by the node. Maybe I need to tweak the code of this node to work? Any suggestions?