Error with starting node red

Hi everyone, when i'm starting node red with the following params:

  • os: centos 7
  • NR version: 0.20.6
  • node version: 6.17.1
  • npm version: 3.10.10
  • with pm2 (2.5) for auto start

i have the following error and NR does not work, what am i doing wrong?

I think you need at least node8 - (though that is now beyond end of life - so I would advise at least node10 or 12.)

ok, i will update asap and come back with an update, thanks!

So, i updated everything, now im running node12 but now it throws this:

(node:11574) MaxListenersExceededWarning: Possible EventEmitter memory leak detected. 11 open listeners added to [Database]. Use emitter.setMaxListeners() to increase limit

and i still have problems connecting to it.

That is probably just a warning. Which extra node(s) have you added that may have lots of connections open ? It looks like some database but which node is it ? Do you actually have more than 10 nodes in use ? The node may not be handling multiple connections sensibly.

i have it with more than 10 nodes working for some time, and now that i have reinstalled everything (os included) it just wont work, perhaps i missed something in on the initial configs, perhaps the fact that i messed with the versions of the nodejs crashed it?

Well that error is just a warning so won't crash it - or rather you haven't yet showed us an error message from a crash.
After updating node.js you may need to go into your user directory (usually ~/.node-red) and run npm rebuild to rebuild any nodes that have native code in... then stop and restart Node-RED.

i did the npm rebuild on the "~/.node-red" but now i can access from some pc's (i think there is progress here, before i couldn't access from any), for example if i try to connect from the phone i can't, but i can from the pc (not the same that is running NR), same for the ws.
Now i'm running v1.0.3 of NR and used the guide provided from the site for CentOS install