Espresence tracking node-red flow

Hi everyone, I’ve searched and searched but to no avail.
The intention is gate opens automatically when I get home. That works.
Now I would like when I come from home the gate should not open automatically.
Otherwise it opens constantly.
Can you help me with the right flow?
Thanks a lot!

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately, with so little detail we could only speculate.

Please provide (A LOT) more information.

Hi @the1one

Can you explain how you detect when you are home?

What does "when I come from home the gate should not open automatically" mean?
Show us the flow which opens the gate when you get home.

I guess that @the1one means when he/she comes out of the house rather than when he/she arrives outside the gate.

@the1one if that is the case then first forget about node-red and work out how you would distinguish the two situations if you were controlling the gates manually. Once you know logically how to do it then you can work out how to implement it in node-red.

@colin Correct. I have an espresence in the house. this determines whether I am at home. but once I'm home the gate should not open again.

Use a Filter node in series with the presence signal to Block Unless Value Changes. Then it will only pass the first presence message until there is a not present message.

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