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Dear people, I want to create a flow using a device tracker.
I want to have a cover closed when I'm not home at a certain time. And I want this same cover to stay open when I am at home.
I don't expect this to be very difficult, but I can't figure it out. can someone help me

The difficult part is knowing when you are at home. How do you propose to do that?

i am using node red in combination with hassio. and true the ping service I check whether residents are at home. I have to say that this is quite reliable. I want to make conditions with this information to, for example, entities.
do you have any idea how to make the flow?

I don't understand what that means.

apologies for my poor english.
i will give the example what i want to switch.
when I'm not at home I want my shutters to close at a certain time. when I am at home I want them to stay open as long as I close them myself via the remote control

You indicated that you already have the flow that tells you whether you are at home or not, is that correct.
Do you know how to open and close the shutters?

that is correct, I have 2 working flows

So what exactly don't you know how to do?

I have a flow that causes the cover to close at 2pm. what does the flow look like that ensures that when i get home the cover does not respond to the timer, but just stays open and if i don't get home the next day the cover just closes

The first thing you need to do is to get the timer event and the presence state into one message so then you can decide what should be done. Have a look in the node-red cookbook at the example flow on Joining Streams. You can use that technique to achieve both conditions in one message.

can you give an example what this flow should look like?

There is one in the cookbook post that I suggested.

dear Collin what I want to create is the following. I just made a copy of my working flows. The top one is a working presence detection. the bottom one is a working flow for closing the roller shutter. the shutter is closed by means of a remote control or on time. i want to combine the top with the bottom. So all the presence detection of the upper flow indicates that someone is at home, the roller shutter should not close at the set times, but simply remain open. I understand the joining flow but I have no idea how it will help me with a solution. And with the Cookbook I don't get much wiser from this either. could you or someone else show a flow how i could build it.

Add a debug node showing what comes out of the blue node in the top left hand corner and others showing what is going into the blue ones on the right.
Also tell us what types those nodes are.

From the node in the top left corner, there comes from "Home" or "Not Home".
from the nodes right there comes out roller shutter up or roller shutter down.
the nodes are all for home assistant
the top left is an event state node and the top right are call service nodes.s.

It is better to show us exactly what you get. Then there is no confusion. For example, you said roller shutter down but is that a string or what? You said that comes out of the node, we need to know what goes into it.

Hi Vlak, you could try with this node-red-contrib-simple-gate. You put the gate between your timers and your shutters and you set it to close when at home and to open when not at home.

Thanks didiergithub, for your respons,
can you explain how to fill in the node. I want it to switch on time only when I am home then it should not switch.

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