EXAMPLE (template) - displaying a two dimensional table


As "contenteditable" is not part of angular but is part of html, it might not be the solution you're looking for:

Searching for "angular edit table double click" returns interesting links such as:


umm how about 'contenteditable edge not working'?


Thank you for putting me in the right direction.
I am thinking about how to export the content of the table by clickinng on a button which is not part of the UI template. This button would send an empty message payload and a special topic value (for instance "Save data") to trigger the send of the content of the table to the next node. I would use the "scope.$watch" function and when the topic is "Save data" the content of the table would be iterated and sent. The question that I have is when happens with the code that initializes the table using ng-repeat

<tr ng-repeat="row in msg.payload">
    <td id="Value1">{{row.Value1}}</td> 
    <td class="numeric" id="Value2" contenteditable="true" onclick = "this.contentEditable = true;">{{row.Value2}}</td>

How can I allow the execution of ng-repeat only when the message topic is for instance something like "Init table", and prevent the execution when the message topic is "Save data"?