Examples of Smart Home Dashboard

I am going to see if I can build an even better, slicker version of this using UI Builder, but I wanted to show what I was able to accomplish, with some elaborations:

  • Note that this whole tab shows off how I can hide that there are different types of lights controlled in different ways.

    • Desk and Floor Lamps are Ikea Bulbs controlled via Hubitat
    • Credenza is a built in lamp controlled by an Ikea switch via Hubitat
    • Ikea Color is an Ikea Color bulb controlled by Zigbee2MQTT
    • Illumin Color is an Inovelli color bulb controlled by Hubitat
  • Power section has switch for each light and a single switch for all. The only drawback is that the All switch will remain off when lights are turned on individually.

  • The Z2M triggers certain effects that are built into Zigbee2MQTT.

  • The Brightness Controls allow for individual and group brightness control.

  • The Brightness Up, Down, Stop allows me to start shifting all lights from either the brightest level toward 100% or the lowest level of any of the bulbs to 1%. The speed of that shift is based on taking the brightness Change Duration and then using that for the time from 1% to 100%. Thus if the bulbs are at 50% and the brightness up button is selected and the brightness change duration is 2 seconds, then the bulbs will take 1 second to get to 100%. I allow the duration to range from 0 to 25 seconds, though in practice 1 second doesn't work well.

  • Additionally, since the bulbs actually respond in non-identical ways, they don't stay in perfect synch. As a result, the stop button, picks the average of where they are when it is clicked and then move all of them to that value over 2 seconds which is invisible to my eye but much more aesthetically pleasing on the dashboard.

  • The color wheel lets me select a color request that is sent to both color bulbs and then transition over the specified time. I will however note that every vendors color bulb differs on what colors are rendered well. Unfortunately I have not found one that does have major weaknesses somewhere in the range. (In addition to the ikea and innovelli I have here, I have also experimented with a hue bulb.) Thus though they both are going to the same color, in many cases the results differ.

  • The color temperature does the same to adjust any color temp bulb to the desired temperature.

  • One note on this, I stumbled across some javascript that works really well at sending xy color values to the Ikea color bulb to get various color temperature outputs.

  • This is similar to the Game Room only it has an added fan control

    • Controlled devices run from this tab include:
    • Charger is a phone charger controlled by an Ikea switch via Zigbee2MQTT
    • Overhead is a standard bulb in a fan controlled by a GE/Jasco Z-Wave Plus Smart Switch via Hubitat
    • Bedside bulb is an Ikea Bulb controlled via Zigbee2MQTT
    • Fan is a standard ceiling fan controlled by GE/Jasco Smart Fan Control via Hubitat

  • Eva's Room is similar to the other rooms, but it also has a series of buttons to trigger various LED effects on an Inovelli LZW36 combination Light/Fan controller via Hubitat

  • The power section is very similar. The 2 items are:
    • Table Lamp is a TP-Link LB100 via Hubitat
    • Corner is a standard bulb controlled by an Ikea switch via Hubitat
  • The input selection allows choosing a Harmony activity via node-red-contrib-harmony-websocket node
  • Similarly all of the TV and Soundbar controls do Harmony remote actions via node-red-contrib-harmony-websocket

The Thermostat tab displays and controls 2 thermostats.

  • Upstairs is a Honeywell T6 Pro (Z-wave plus) via Hubitat
  • Downstairs is a Lennox iComfort via Hubitat

The Other Controls are all Ikea switches 2 via Hubitat 1 via Zigbee2MQTT.

I am not really satisfied with this dashboard as you can see some missing data and some areas that don't show the history I am trying to show. Here are the types of devices sending in data:

  • Konke ZigBee Temperature Humidity Sensors via Hubitat
  • The 2 Thermostats
  • Nest Protect motion sensors via Homebridge
  • Ikea motion sensor via Zigbee2MQTT
  • Eve motion sensor via Apple Home via Homebridge
  • Aeon Multisensor 6 via Hubitat
  • Fire 7 tablet motion sensing via Fully Browser Kiosk
  • Harmony Hub via node-red-contrib-harmony-websocket node
  • Inovelli LZW36 combination Light/Fan controller via Hubitat for Energy and Power
  • Aqara Wall Switch Double relay (LLKZMK11LM) via Hubitat
  • Aqara Vibration Sensors via Hubitat
  • Monoprice Z-wave plus (not actually powered on at the moment) contact senor via Hubitat
  • TP-Link LB100 comms error reading via Hubitat

Wow, that's a lot of different devices!

I look forward to seeing what you do with uibuilder. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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