Excel and Nodered

Please, have any resource in Nodered to work with "recipes" ?
For exemple, if I have one Excel with 6 Colums (A to F), and 6 lines

Depending on the recipe selected, nodered already extracts the cell values ​​I need

While this isn't the answer you were looking for, have you considered using dashboard and providing users a web based recipe manager?

With flow storage (or even better a database) you could make a very nice frontend in very little time.

Even better, if you intend on sending this data directly to a PLC or some other automation system, you could initiate that from node red dashboard too.

Food for thought I hope. Otherwise discard.

Hello Steve, thank you
Just to explain better, the SO of my PLC is Linux; but on IEC61131 I not have one CSV reader
Then now my idea is create one script on Nodered (withouth dashboard)
The idea is : The customer just paste one CSV file in one folder, then by the PLC application the user (From HMI) types the number of the recipe (ex :3); Than runs the script
The script on Nodered needs read this value (maybe from OPC UA) then use this index to "search" this line; then the values on this line is transmitted back to the PLC (OPC UA)

Before mixing in complex technologies like OPC-UA, I would suggest you start with a working prototype using the tools you have, first. :wink:

Hello Kuema
OPC UA its not the problem, I just searching how I can extract on specific line into a 2D array