Exec Node Python Version required

I wrote a short python(3) script to be used by the exec mode. I used the command line to test it. My environment has an alias so I can type "python script.py" and it will execute with the latest version of Python3 (rather than the default of 2.x).

However, the Exec node ignores this alias and requires me to specify Python3 in order to successfully load the modules (installed only for python3).

Is this expected behaviour? If so, if anyone has time to expand my knowledge by explaining why the exec node ignores the alias, I'd be grateful. Thanks :slight_smile:

It will probably depend on how/where you have defined the alias, and how you are running Node-RED.

For example, if you are running it on a Pi as a service, then it will not pickup your bash profile where you have probably defined the alias.

Gotcha! Thanks @knolleary - now I understand! :slight_smile:

The force is weak herein :slight_smile:

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