Python3 script handling

I want to execute this line / python3 script:
"phython3 /home/pi/MFRC522-python/"
the script runs in a loop an prints a line where I want grab information from.
It works nice in terminal but I cannot get it to run in node-red

I tried exec node but could not get the output (I think because the script will run in loop)
I tried to execute as / with deamon node (for some reasons this just gave me errors in output, maybe the working directory has changed when using this. I ve no idea how to change this since I am no python expert)
I tried a python3 function node and it seems to use "python" (which is default for "python2" insted of "python3" for executing the commands or so). At least it leads me to errors that freezes my node-red browser instance.

So I ve no idea how to get my script working.

Did you try the -u option for python as mentioned in the exec node info ?


thx! that worked ! I missed that :slight_smile: