Run execute python file with node red on raspberry pi

How do i open a python file/script from node red on raspberry pi

Open or run? Two different things.

I think that you can run a Python script using a contributed node - check out the flows library.

If you mean open, you need to explain more about what it is that you are trying to achieve.

oh i got through.. i used the execu node to run the python file i typed python3 which allows me to run from terminal... but how can i stop a python file from running using the same execu node

I presume from the question that the python program keeps running if you don't stop it. If you look at the Info tab for the exec node it tells you how to kill the running program by sending the node a message.

Colin i am having problems using msg.kill object stopping the exec node

you are correct

Add a debug node set to show the complete message and showing the message you expect to kill it and post what you see in the debug pane.

"" i got that from the top node
is that enough or do you want the rest of the debug msgs

You get what? I don't see anything. We want to see the kill message contents.