Exec command can be used to Stop executing python code using "Python Shell" Node

Hi All,
I have executed a python script (taken locally) using a python shell node in node-red. What is the command can be used in exec to stop running infinity loop??
Can anyone help me??

Hi, are you the same user as Sandy?

This thread is ALMOST identical to one less than a page down in the forum...

yes, I am also facing the same issue and I have tried using Kill-2, Kill-9. I am getting an error in Exec can you help me which command can be used?? can you please help me??

You can't use the exec node to kill the pythonshell node, you have to use the exec node to run the python script, instead of using the pythonshell node. Then when it is running you can kill the exec node if necessary.
Is this a college assignment or similar since you both seem to be working on similar projects?

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