Exec node seems to fail, go to Rc:1

For no reason that I can make out my PHP exec node seems to sometimes fail and go to rc: 1 whatever that is? If I move a node and re-deploy it mostly comes back online. But just now I had to do that a couple of times before it came back online. Then it'll be stable for days.

Any way to get around this? I couldn't get the daemon node to work at all. Hence using the slightly less robust exec node...

This flow is supposed to just run indefinitely. I've annotated the file below to show what happens when the flow stops working due to the exec node.

rc: 1 means that your php script exited with exit code 1, which by convention! means that there was an error which caused the script to terminate.

You could check the second output of the node which gives you the std error output

Thanks for the help

looks fairly self explanatory then... you may need the full path of php

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God knows. I've just had another fiddle with it and this time it's working. Sorry for the thread...!

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