Execute a http request on specific time

Hi, i have some cronjobs which i want to migrate to nodered.
i am very new to nodered and have no idea how to execute an http request on a predefined time.
what i have done is, ive created a timestamp injection and reformatted the timestamp for my needings and wrote it to an mqtt topic. now i want to execute the desired http request if the topic has a specific time and date.

Why do you need the MQTT node?
You can setup an INJECT node for the specific time and wire this directly to a HTTP REQUEST node.

because i use the mqtt time object also for some other stuff.
how can i do the injection on specific time to a http req?

so you will need MQTT-IN followed by a SWITCH node that checks for the time you want and then your HTTP REQUEST node but it is a very inefficient way of doing it.

i understood. have created another inject node and wired it directly to the http req. that works for me.
thank you

Just to repeat, the Inject node can be configured to inject at a specific time on specific days - just as you can with a cronjob.

Why complicate matters trying to co-ordinate it with your timestamp-to-mqtt flow?

ive already done that and modified the cron tasks regarding my needs in the json code.