Executing flows on UT tab events, tab selection?

Is there a way to trigger a flow when operator changes from one dashboard tab to another? Or when a specific tab is selected?

I want to run a flow to update the status, presentation of UI objects, when a given tab is selected.

You can use the ui control node for this purpose. It emits change events:

  • UI-Control - allows some dynamic control of the dashboard. Sending a msg.payload of the tab number (from 0) or tab_name will switch to that tab. Tabs can be enabled/disabled/hide/show via msg like {"tabs":{"hide":["tab_name_with_underscores"],"show":["another_tab_name"],"disable":["unused_tab_name"]}} . Groups can be hidden and made visible via a msg like {"group":{"hide":["tab_name_group_name_with_underscores"],"show":["tab_name_another_group"],"focus":true}} . Outputs a msg.payload for every browser connect and loss , and every tab change . This can be used to trigger other actions like resetting the visibility of tabs and groups.

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