How to connect two UI's

suppose i have two flow , flow 1 & flow 2 and in flow 1 i have a button and i want to call to call my flow 2 using this button. How can i connect my switch with flow 2 so that whenever this switch is pressed the flow 2 ui would get open?

Do you mean that when you click the button you want it to open a different tab in the dashboard? If so then look at the ui_control node. You can make the first button send a message to the control node telling it to open the new tab.

Thanks for the reply
Can you please tell me how to configure the ui_control node.

Did you look at the help text for the node? In particular it says
" The default function is to change the currently displayed tab. msg.payload should either be an object of the form {"tab":"my_tab_name"} , or just be the tab name or numeric index (from 0) of the tab or link to be displayed."
So if you put the name of the dashboard tab you want to open, or the index number of the tab, in msg.payload and send it to the control node then it should switch to that tab. To do that from a button set the text the button sends to the name (or number) of the tab you want it to show.

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