Explore for tabulator in creating good table view

I saw a post about tabulator version 4.4.1 is used for node red ui table nodes.
Is there any upgrading news to version 5.0 or even the latest one?

As for current, I am trying to use msg.ui_control for creating my table and happen that header is too long and unable to wrap it down (I had try to short form it but limited space :sweat_smile: ). Anyone can help?

And a 2nd question, in case like using different device, the table may seems to be too long that I would like to freeze the header row, anyway to do that?

If you are not afraid of JavaScript, the instead of using the ui-table node, you can easily instantiate Tabulator (any version) inside a dashboard template node and enjoy the full breadth of functionality offered by Tabulator.
If you want to go this way, I can show you how.

I would say yes that I am kind of struggling when I am writing javascript code as I am transforming the examples I found into another form that suits my team to read the data. But please show me the method through dashboard template node. Greatly appreciate :innocent:

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