Export and import a flow with all nodes inside

Hi all.
I have a lot of IOT devices that needs an upgrade by installs new flows inside NR.
When I try to import these new flows, some nodes appears not complete because the relative node is not installed on the palette.
If the machine can be connect to the internet, I can upgrade palette with the node, if I don't have any connection to the internet, this operation is not possible.
There is a way to "pack" into the same export file both flows and palette nodes or a way to place a file into the IOT disk in order to install the new nodes from local?
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  1. download the required module tgz files

  2. Use the upload module button

First of all, thanks for your answer.
The first half of your suggestion is OK, but I see that inside the IOT I 've installed NODE-RED 1.0.3.
This version do not have the button 3, that appears e.g. on 1.3.5 version that I have installed on my PC.
There is a similar way to upgrade NODE-RED itself?

Node-RED is a node.js app, upgrades can be done through npm as with any other similar app. But note the node.js requirements for the latest versions. When upgrading, you need to be on a supported LTS version of node.js (sensible to keep on those anyway). After upgrading node.js, if you have any nodes that have binary/c++ components (typically hardware related), you will probably want to do an npm rebuild in your userDir folder.

Thanks all for help.

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