Updating Node-Red on a PI

Is this the best way to update Node-Red on a raspberry pi? update-nodejs-and-nodered? And is there a way to get it to install nodes that I commonly use a batch rather than clicking on them individually in the Pallet Manager? Thank you all

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Yes - as described in our docs for the Pi

You can do that from the command-line.

cd ~/.node-red
npm install my-favourite-node-1 my-favourite-node-2 my-favourite-node-3

And then restart Node-RED.


Thank you for the assistance!

Willing to update my Node-Red local installation (installed on my Rasp) from the current version 0.20.7 to the last one I just want to know it the official updating script will save all my installed palettes and all of my files (flows.json, flows_cred.json, settings.json etc...). In a word after successfully run the update script all my previous flows will run as before or do I have to re-install palettes, set input credentials in the config nodes?

@lenny1972 the upgrade script will upgrade Node-RED and leave your user data (flows etc) alone

Thanks Nick, so I'll update with now other intervention by myside in order to have the flows get back working.

If you did have a problem you can always restore your flow files from your backup.

Thanks Colin I've already made a backup of the flows.

if you are on an x64 machine - or any raspberry pi [ARM6 or ARM7 or ARM64]. I've written this binary that will uninstall nodejs, and install the latest version. You can check out the source code here:

This doesn't solve upgrading the version of Node-Red, but if Node-Red requires an update NodeJs than this will get you there. :slightly_smiling_face: