Exporting and Importing flows - problem with SUBFLOWS

If I write a flow and export it then import it to another machine, all the existing nodes are honoured and not overwritten.

Alas I have seen that if you write a subflow and export a flow with it then import it to another machine which already has that subflow, a second (or third, etc) copy of the subflow is created.

Just asking:

I get that subflows can be different between machines. Though I can't exactly see why.
They are like nodes.
If you have a different version of NR on one machine to another when you copy flows, they don't take their most up to date (or older) nodes with them.

If the two (sub)flows are different, then maybe make another version of it on the second machine.

Otherwise, I can't see why it is creating a copy.

To be as direct as possible: it does that because no one has written the code to detect the existing subflow and avoid adding a duplicate.

There is an item on the backlog to improve this behaviour.


I don't mind directness. (Or I hope I don't)

No problems. It slipped through the gaps - no one is perfect.

I just have to be careful when exporting flows with subflows in them.

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