Sub flows..... Dumb question

I have started using sub-flows and it is great.

My understanding is that I have a flow and because parts of it are repeated, rather than have the same nodes repeated, I can use a sub-flow and it acts like a "sub-routine" (from basic).

Yeah, as many of you may know: I'm not the best coder, and I have changed a couple of things in the sub-flow as I have found problems with their working/s.

To edit them I understand I can either double click on the icon and then "edit sub-flow" or double click on it from the left window.

Alas now I have 6 versions in the list.


I get that I am using multiple occurrences of them, but that's the whole idea - isn't it?

What have I done "wrong"?

Yeah something is going wrong. I've always double-clicked the sub-flow in the flow and then clicked "edit sub-flow". Then I make changes and click "Save". I've never ended up with multiple versions, even though the sub-flow is used multiple times in flows. Can you detail the exact steps to the issue so others can replicate?

Alas I can't give an example of how I did it. I just noticed it today.

All the editing was done days ago.

Just on a thought: If the "nodes" aren't yet wired up would that cause this to happen?

I'll do some testing here on another machine. Testing on the machine shown, DEPLOY takes about 4 minutes.

That looks like you have imported a flow into the editor that includes the subflow... Which results in a copy of the subflow being added to the palette.

We have an item on the backlog to handle that better by detecting that you are importing a subflow you already have and then offering to either update the existing subflow, or add a copy.

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Thanks. It isn't urgent.

Is there anything I can do to remove the extra entries?

Delete them.

Double click it, press delete button

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Mia Culpa.

Thanks Steve.

You might want to check where they are used first, so you can replace them with the other version. Assuming they are used.