Conflicting messages in edit screen

NR 2.1.6

I have a duplicate subflow, so I renamed it to something else to help find it.

Pictures tell the story.

Give it a unique name. If not original.

Looking looking looking for it.

Screenshot from 2022-01-25 13-38-23

Not found.
Ok, we'll delete it.

Screenshot from 2022-01-25 13-38-29

So what is it?

Only 1 instance or 4?

After a lot of searching I found 1 in a subflow. I'll cop that.

But 3 of them were in/on other tabs.....

C'mon. That just isn't fair when searching.
(Though I did only just update to THE latest NR from a 1.x version)

I agree that looks oddly inconsistent. We'd need to investigate to see what is happening.

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