"Hidden" subflows

Ok, I asked for it. Nesting subflows - maybe.

I made a subflow with 3 levels (or was it 4?) of other subflows.

I exported it and imported it to a working machine.
(Bad things happened)

Suddenly I have 2 subflows with the same name. (Thought that shouldn't happen)

Anyway, I realised this and started to delete the duplicate ones and put them all to the same one.
(Which is in itself interesting as they both had the same comments.)

Did it as best I could find.
Opened the subflow and clicked the delete button.
There is 1 instance of this subflow - do you want to delete it?

I can't for the life of me find it.
I've opened all my subflows and it isn't in any.

How can I find it?

To maybe help, here are some screen shots.



So where is this hidden instance?

Where does it take you if you click on the search result?


Thanks Nick.

(You have to love computers.)

This is what I see this morning when I do the search.

Screenshot from 2023-01-26 06-26-41

So I went to the second one and replaced it, deleted the subflow and all is good.

Greatest apologies but I was stuck yesterday because I wasn't given the correct information.

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