Delete in-use subflow doesn't warn, and how to find subflow uses

Two related issues:

  1. If I delete a subflow that is currently in use there is no warning, all instances of it just disappear. Is that expected?

  2. Is there a way of finding all instances of a subflow? Searching for the subflow name doesn't do it (if the instance is given a different name).

NR version 1.2.7

Yes it is expected, but probably not desirable and there ought to be a wanring.

Yes, although its a bit of a handful and we ought to make it easier to do. If you know the ID of the subflow, you can search for that and both the subflow and all its instances will be found.

Well I didn't expect it :slight_smile:
[Nobody expects ... ]
Should I submit an issue so it doesn't get forgotten? It isn't very user friendly as it is, because after deleting the subflow it may not be immediately obvious that anything is wrong. Luckily I had committed it just before so was easily able to recover the situation, once I realised that I had a problem.

OK, thanks.

Have added this item to the backlog

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Should there be one for searching for subflow instances too?

Yup - added here

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@Colin for the "how to find subflow instances" question, I've just raised this pull-request that adds two new ways to easily locate a subflow's instances. Let me know what you think.

And here's a PR that adds a confirmation dialog when trying to delete an in-use subflow.

Great, thanks.
I have realised that it is very easy to find the id of a subflow, for searching. Hovering over the subflow node in the side panel shows the id, then you just have to search for the last few characters of that. Soon even that won't be necessary though :slight_smile:

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