Is there a way to locate all instances of a subflow?


I recently confused myself while experimenting with subflows. At one point the Properties tab of the flow template editor reported many more instances of a subflow than I thought I had created. I eventually solved the problem, but it would have helped to be able to locate those instances, in the same way that the Search flows menu item can find every instance of a node. Is there a trick I don't know, or would it be possible to add this capability?


  1. open the search dialog and search for subflow: - note the : at the end. That will list all subflow instances (of all types).

  1. Find one of the type you are interested in - note its full id - subflow:1874db17.5e6b35 in the screenshot above. Refine the search to just list that id.


Thanks for the tip. Now I can see how I made life difficult for myself. I renamed the template (with a name not containing "subflow") and gave each instance a unique name (also not containing "subflow"). Then searching on the name of the template produced only the template itself and none of the instances. I didn't even get the clue of the node id's of the instances. May I grumble a bit that this is another way that subflows don't behave like "real" nodes?