Single subflow - check number of instances?

I am creating a flow that I want to contain in a subflow, but as it exposes a websocket and http endpoint, I only want 1 subflow node to exist in the workspace (ie. can only expose the same http endpoint).

Is there a way to check/force if more than 1 instance exists in all flows ?

Can't you search for the sublfow's name and see how many times it is found?

Use link-call node?

My thoughts precisely as well.

hmm I am not sure if i understand how this works.

  • I have a flow, want to contain it in a subflow
  • the subflow should only exist once in all flows

The idea is a self-contained flow that does not necessarily requires input and does not produce output. I just don't want to see it as a separate flow (in the tabs).

So, why do you want it to be in a subflow? Seems redundant?

I suggested link call as I assumed you meant a singleton model

Do you have latest node-red? regular tabs can now be hidden.

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