Subflows with no input. Can it only be used once?

I created a subflow with no input. The starting node inside the subflow is an http in node.

Can this type of subflow only be represented once in the dashboard? It seems that only the first created occurrence is functional.

Due to a third party limitation, I have a wide variety of requests coming in on a single endpoint. I was hoping to create many distinct flows to respond to different types of requests. Is this possible? The alternative is to have a switch node (or function node) with a VERY LARGE NUMBER of outputs and a lot of wires going everywhere...

You cannot have two HTTP In nodes listen on the same path - only one of them will receive the request. This isn't anything to do with subflows.

You could have an HTTP In node wired to a Link Out node, then for each flow you want to receive the request, add a Link In node connected to the Link Out. That allows you to put each handling flow in its own tab, or avoid have lots of wires.

But regardless of the approach, you need to make sure the request is responded to (by passing a message to an HTTP Response node) exactly once.

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